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Design is a process of the heart.


We feel our way through design rather than think about design. Therefore we arrive at a personal and organic design outcome. 


We are part of nature and "we borrow from nature the space upon which we build" (Tadao Ando). Designing space with respect for nature is the only way to keep the connection between our selves as space dwellers and the humanity within us.


We shape a space which in return shapes our living. Take that respect for nature away, our space no matter how embelished becomes void of humanity and our living, lifeless.


This is how I perceive interior design and aspire to shape spaces. If you feel alike, conversations together will be wonderful.   


I am emarking on reviving the old charm of metal grilles and have started a new venture to make window grilles and metal gates. Do have a look at my new site:

It's time to restoring a touch of beauty to our windows and doors with hand-made metal grilles. 


I want to give a shout-out to the beautiful works my partner is doing at Onlewo. His passion for patterns is richly expressed in the story-filled fabric and wallpapers he makes.

His studio at 129 Jalan Besar is a cove of SIngapore crafts, exactly the type of shop we love to discover when we travel to places like Japan, Taiwan, etc.  Drop by and take time to marvel at the colors.




Tel: 81OO 98OO

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